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International Iliqchuan Zhongxindao Summer Camp 2018

Master Alex Skalozub - Main ILC Instructor in Russia and Russianspeaken countries
Daria Sergeeva - international ILC instructor (IV instr, X stud.levels), World Champ of Muay Thai and Taichi Form, Six times Europe Champ of Taijichuan Push hands, Wishu- Sanda Champ.

Place of the ISIC (International Summer ILiqchuan Camp):

           The hotel ENECTUR in the mountains of The Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. It  is an untouched nature with unique flora and fauna included in UNESCO. The village of Guzeripl is located on the banks of the Belaya River. The author's training program in combination with the natural oldest territory will enhance the healing effect of qigong and meditation, and will also help to fill up by inner power from Wushu practices. We invite you together with us to feel the magical effect of the purest mountain air and the healing relic forest! We go to amazing nature place for the internal practices of qigong, meditation and martial art of Iliqchuan Zhong Xin Dao!

Dates: 06-19 of August 2018

Date of arriving: 05 of August (training program will start at 9 a.m. next morning)

The last day:  19 of August (training will be  till lunch)

You can arrange any amount of the days to join the Camp too. Ask Daria Sergeeva about this possibility.

Participators: adults +children 12+

Organizers: Alex Skalozub   (the coach, organizer), Daria Sergeeva +7 985 171 22 09 (the coach, organizer), Sergey Molodyka +7 903 745 13 29 (the coach, manager), Natalia Kozlova +7 495 729 30 70 (the coach, administrator, nurse).

Web-sites:  www.iliqchuan.ru , www.edinoborstva.ru , www.iliqchuan.com, www.worldkungfu.ru 

E-mail: info@iliqchuan.ru 

Accomodation (only for participators with their families):  for 40-60 students.

2-5 people in the room.  The variations of  settlement is under the organizers. Most preference for  full program participators and students from other countries. You can stay in Camp (bring your own stuff for living in the forest).

24hours: hot water. Toilet, shower in the room "Comfort" or for a few rooms "Econom". Changing bedding and towels  – 1 times in a 3 days. 

Room "Comfort" with bathroom and mini-refrigerator

Room "Econom" with share bathroom

Meal: 3 times a day, normal or vegetarian, homemade.  Water for drink is available free. 

Cost for CFILC members ( should take a ILC passbook with active memebership to be able to have a discount):

1) full package 1 (room "COMFORT"+meal+training) for 1 person: 3250 rub/day if staying from 11 till 14 days; 3450 rub/day if staying from 1 till 10 days.

2) full package 2 (room "ECONOM"+meal+training) for 1 person: 2800 rub/day if staying from 11 till 14 days; 3000 rub/day if staying from 1 till 10 days.

3) full package 3 (Camp+meal+training) for 1 person: 2500 rub/day if staying from 11 till 14 days; 2750 rub/day if staying from 1 till 10 days.

Cost for non-CFILC members:

1) full package 1 (room "COMFORT"+meal+training) for 1 person: 3700 rub/day

2) full package 2 (room "ECONOM"+meal+training) for 1 person: 3250 rub/day 

3) full package 3 (Camp+meal+training) for 1 person: 3000 rub/day


Children 5 y.o and less - free for living  (without place) with parents in room "COMFORT". Just pay for food 900 rub - full menu or 450 rub for half menu. Cildren  from 6 till 12 y.o - 400 rub/day for living with room "COMFORT" with parents with optional bed. For adult families members of ILC participator for accomodation in room "COMFORT" 2000 rub/day. If they want to train some programm   - 500 rub per lesson.



You can buy a mobile sim-card MTS company. In the hotel hall - free wi-fi.The mountains and river - 30 meters. Minimarket – 100 meters walking (no drugstore!)

There are  one big open swimming pool for adults and one open small swimming pool for children.

The RULES of ISIC 2018

Cannot participate in training processes after alcohol party! The clothes must be suitable for purpose of the place. During the training process: ILC T-shirt, ILC sash, ILC trousers. If the weather is too hot you can wear the long shorts. On the beach and out of the territory you can wear any type of clothes.


Take care  about yourself, bring something against mosquitoes and ticks.



To see: Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, Rufbago waterfalls, Big Azish cave, Hajokskaya gorge, St. Michael's momastery.

To do: Russian steam Bath, horseback riding, trekking, waterfalls and caves of the Caucasus reserve, mountaineering and climbing, river rafting and so on.



Taxi can meet you at the airport of Krasnodar or Armavir and bring to the camp. The cost is around 4000 rub per car one way. Write to us of you want to order meeting. 

If you want to visit Moscow first and then go to Camp let us know and we will help to orginize transfer for you.

The address of the Hotel Enectur:

38 Lesnaya street, Guzeripl, Adygeya, Russian Federation.


 How to register:

1)  If you need call to us +7 985 171 22 09 Daria Sergeeva. Write to us info@iliqchuan.ru  the letter “ILC CAMP 2018” and answer on the next questions and be sure that you have a respond from us:

1.    Full name, date of the birth.

2.    Where are you from: country and city.

3.    How long do you practice ILC, what is your students and instructors level, name of your instructor.

4.    How long do you practice other martial arts, who is your teacher, what is your level.

5.    Contacts: mobile number and e-mail. 

6.   accomodation: room "Сomfort" or room "Econom" or camp.

7. Food: normal or vegetarian

8. How you want to travel to Camp: directly to Camp or visit another city first?    

9.    Attach the copy of your tickets.

10.    Do you want to go with us on excursion?

11. Do you need any help with Russian visa?

12. Any other information.


2) Do the prepayment $200  before 28 of the July 2018. After this dead-line the prepayment is non-refundable. Before the 28 of the July 2018 you can receive  your money back, the bank just charge for the transferring.

3) Check that you are in the list of participators, give the all information about you flights (the name of company, flight number and so on).


4) Full payment you can make at the Camp directly. All  money payment in Russia will be at rubles.

The Training Programm:


Iliqchuan 15 Basic Exercises

Partner Training

4.  Spinning
and Sticky Hands, Sanda


Self training

You should take with you necessary:

1.      Any type of mat (like a tourist mat) or anything to sit for sitting meditation practice.

2.      Any medicine for skin before or after biting of mosquito. Any stuff against the biting outside the room and inside the room.

3.      Desinfectant stuff (it is good to use after partner training)

4.      Nourishing cream

5.      Cap

6.      Sunprotrectors and the lotion after sun.

7.      If you want to train Sanda, you should take  a teeth protector, groin protector, shin protector and any type of gloves (with no fingers out).

8.      Lamp (if you want to walk out during the night or read in the room)

9.      Notebook and pencil

10.  Pot


If you need any type of ILC products from Russia, please, write to info(at)remove-this.ilqichuan.ru before 01 of August 2018. We will bring it for you to Camp.

Medicine insurance:

Should have during all period of staying in the Camp. Be sure that it is include the sports events.

ILC Grading:

Will be at 16 of August 2018 after breakfast. You can apply to be grading during the Camp but better to do it before 20 of July 2018, so in the Camp  we can lead you more directly to your level.

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